Contact / Orders / Wholesales / Trade offers / Demos:

kohinarecords (at) gmail (dot) com


Demo policy

We accept demos but we hope that you also tell something about your band and the release itself.
Unfortunately we cannot answer all mails, sorry.


Don't bother us with demos if your music genre is something from below:
punk, hardcore, grindcore, stoner rock/metal...




Send your order via email: kohinarecords (dot) gmail (dot) com. Include wanted items, your name, shpping address and phone number and preferred way you want to pay. Payments are possible via bank transfer or Paypal.

Also feel free to ask shipping rates before ordering!

For Finnish customers / Tilaukset Suomen sisällä: Postikulut maksimissaan 7 € tai nouto Lahdesta.

Maksu käteisellä, tilisiirrolla, Paypalilla tai Mobilepaylla.

Kohina Records is a small record label and distro founded in 2019 in Lahti, Finland.
Sludge - Doom - Drone - Ambient - Noise - You name it...